To support the industry with unbiased data about market size and share, MCA has developed an online market share calculator that you may subscribe to for a basic market size and share calculation. Simply input your data and it will analyze and create your customized market size and share. Please contact us to learn more about: The Construction Market Share Analysis Calculator (CMAC®)

Based on the ELECTRI International research we conducted in 2005 “Market Share: Developing a Standard Formula to Calculate Market Share“, MCA has worked with several construction association chapters and union locals to provide them with a comprehensive study of their local market size and share. The chapters that we have worked with have been able to help their contractors capture more of the available market in their geographic area. It has helped contractors advance ahead of the industry in recognition of the new market trends. Our most recent studies have also helped identify the composite rates required to compete in over 30 different market segments, and to develop strategies between union and contractors to sustain, regain, and grow market share. The studies have been able to position the contractors and union collaboratively in a very competitive playing field. A few of the services we are able to provide are:

Market Size and Market Share Analysis

This shows you how much market is available to contractors in your geographical area, and what percentage of this market has been captured by the contractors in your local chapter. This can also be broken down into the market segments of commercial, residential, and industrial

Quarterly Updates

Market size and share quarterly updates for the current year increase the accuracy of the analysis as the year progresses.

Detailed Analysis of Sales Categories

Detailed analysis of individual sales categories, such as healthcare, education, multi-retail, communications, power plants, and multi-family residential (24 individual categories are available)

Competitive Composite Crew Rates

We can calculate the required competitive composite crew rate needed to compete with open-shop operations so you can use this information in your upcoming negotiations. This has helped several contractors understand not only what their composite crew rate should be in general, but also what the gap is specific to type of work, such as “commercial”, or even detailed for a sales category, such a “hospital work”, in a given geographical area.

Strategic Planning

We have worked with the association chapters and local unions to build strategic and tactical plans, to tackle the competition in each market segment.

Please feel free to email ( or call us at (810) 232-9797 to discuss how we may be of service to your chapter or if you would like more information on the services we offer.

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