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Since its founding in 1990 by Dr. Perry Daneshgari, MCA has worked with over 300 companies world-wide with services focused on implementing waste reduction and productivity improvement of labor, project management, estimation, accounting and customer care. Some of the industries that have benefited from MCA's expertise are construction (electrical, mechanical and general contractors), banking, automotive (product development and manufacturing), medical, health care, and insurance organizations. As a result, MCA offers educational workshops to help companies in these various industries understand and implement MCA's improvement principles.

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  • Using Single Point of Launch™ (SPL™)
    To Improve Project Launch, Tracking and Closure
    For Overall Communication And Handoffs During Project Lifecycle - Click here
  • Change Order Management - Catch, Track. and Quantify the Impact of Change Orders on a Job - Click here
  • The New Revenue Recognition Standard- Made Easy for Contractors - How to use the new FASB Revenue Recognition Standard to your Advantage - Click here.
  • Optimal Competitive Crew Rates To Be Competitive in All Markets - Click here.
  • How to Adopt and Survive The Industrialization of Construction® - Click here.
  • How to Build A Productive and Profitable - Work Breakdown Structure – WBS - Click here.
  • How to Design an Effective Project Document Management System & Control - Click here.
  • Design and Selection of Correct Cost Codes to Improve Job Feedback, Tracking and Productivity - Click here.
  • Design for Value Engineering to Increase Job profits - Click here.
  • Design of Effective Work In Process (WIP) Calculation - Click here.
  • Future of Construction Work - Market Shift in the Construction Industry - Click here.
  • How to Use Stockmen and other unskilled help to Improve Job Productivity - Click here.
  • Improve Profits by Reducing Labor Risk - Click here.
  • Identify and Reduce the Risk of Failure on the Jobsite by using Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (PFMEA) - Click here.
  • Project Scheduling & Time Management Made Easy - Click here.
  • Strategic Planning for Contractors - Click here.
  • Procurement Chain Management in Construction - Click here.
  • Advanced Project Management Workshop Series - Risk Identification and Mitigation - Click here.
  • Agile Construction® - Click here.
  • Cash Is King - How to Manage and Increase Your Cash during a Recession - Click here.
  • How to Avoid Killer-Jobs By Improving Estimation Accuracy - Click here.
  • How to implement Short Interval Scheduling (SIS®) using ASTM Standard E-2691 - Click here.
  • Ideal Jobsite Inventory Levels Profitable Procurement - Click here.
  • Operation Model for Maximizing Profitability - Click here.
  • Externalizing Work® using Pre-fabrication - Design of effective process - A Tool for Maximizing Profitability In Construction - Click here.
  • How to Train the Workforce to Use Prefab - Click here.
  • Principles of Job Productivity Assurance and Control (JPAC®) – Process and Product Based on ASTM Standard E-2691 (Construction Industry Standard) - Click here.
  • Agile Construction® Executive Class - Click here.
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